Available Dogs



Rosa is a pretty dark brindle, 2 year old girl looking for her forever home. Rosa's ongoing training is still required with pulling on the lead and showing far too much interest in other dogs business. This is a result of living with other dogs and all fighting for top spot. Her owners gave Rosa up as a last resort.

Rosa will jump up and become very excitable and this can, if not controlled lead to nipping of clothes, however since being in Welfare and recieving consistent training, Rosa is realising that this behaviour is not acceptable and she is responding well and looking for forgiveness.

Rosa shows no aggression toward people, and she could live with older chidren who are dog savvy. Rosa loves to play, and she just wants to please. A person/family with breed experience are a must for Rosa, who will in time respond to become a much valued family dog with guidelines and continued support from the Welfare Trust. Rosa is spayed and all vaccines up to date. She has shown no interest in chewing up to yet and she is crate trained. Rosa is healthy and enjoys a dry biscuit and meat diet.

If you feel you are the right person to continue with training with Welfare support, please apply.


Doza is 4 year old, brindle and white in colour and a lovely lad who has not had the best start of life and while most of his needs have now been met, it is hoped that a loving experience family can be found for him to continue to grow and develop.

Doza will not share his life with another dog and furies are also not suitable. Doza is loving, and his house training is coming on well. He enjoys running in a freedom field feeling the grass on his feet.

He is castrated, vaccinated, wormed and flea’d up to date.

Doza travels well in the car. He enjoys his food and has gained weight. Some work is still needed on the lead.

If you feel you can help this lad to lead the happy, fulfilled life he was previously denied, please apply.


Miniature Bullterrier female, white with black head markings approx. 8 years old, found herself in welfare as her family said they found her behaviour difficult to cope with. She had (they said) lived with them for six years. They did not know if she was spayed before they got her and they didn’t appear to know much about her early life.

Pepe will challenge another dog but if she gets no reaction she will simply walk away. It has been noted that she actually looks at humans to “encourage her behaviour towards other dogs". Pepe will pace and appears very anxious with a new setting so this will be something her new family will need to cope with in the early days of her becoming familiar with them and her surroundings.

Pepe is now being fed on a raw meat with fish diet and a fish complete biscuit, and is now gaining weight. She was grossly underweight when she arrived into Welfare. Pepe is now fully vaccinated, and her worming is up to date. She is now house trained and will let you know when she needs to go out. Pepe has recently had a full dental and had teeth removed. Pepe's behaviour at the vets was perfect and she travels well in a crate.

Pepe is now responding well to basic commands and has good recall. The perfect home for this darling girl would be someone with breed experience, a single owner or older couple would be preferable, a quiet life with someone at home for most part of the day. Pepe is ok to be left for a few hours. She would love to be able to explore a nice size garden. She has shown no interest in playing with toys. She hasn’t chewed anything up to yet.

Pepe definitely needs a new family as it would appear her life has been shrouded in mystery. Welfare feel she is now ready to take her next steps to find a forever home where she can continue to grow and develop and be loved.