Available Dogs

Available Dogs



Castrated, vaccinated, worming up to date.

This lovely seven years old plus lad is for some reason being over looked. Only one enquiry for him so far. 

Reggie needs his own family as while he is a firm favourite with us all as he has developed into a wonderful lad we know this is not the  right environment for him for the rest of his life.

Reggie had a bad start to life, neglected, abandoned, left to roam on the street unloved.

No wonder he had a bad attitude upon arrival. 

There was no eye contact with us at all. While he occasionally has issues with other dogs especially small ones we know this is all about “if l act tough and bark and growl they will leave me alone.”

It’s a simple fear reaction however because of this welfare feel that a experienced person or persons only need apply.

Reggie had an untreated skin problem on his legs and face. This very occasionally flares up again and is treated for a couple of days and soon clears. He has leg scaring because of the long term neglect.

Welfare will support this treatment for the rest of Reggie’s life if and when this issues arises again.

Ideally welfare are looking for a home with a secured large garden where Reggie can sit out in the sun and feel safe and loved.

It isn’t much to ask for and in return Reggie will sit with you quietly, enjoying a fuss and his food.

Reggie is totally clean in his sleeping quarters.

Please help this lad to find his forever home. He deserves it.


A young white male with head markings is looking for his permanent home with a family who have experience of the breed.

BOBO will not share his life with another dog as he will want you all to himself. No cats or furry animals either. No small children either as they could easily be knocked over by this exuberant joint lad.

BOBO found himself in welfare after his owner introduced another male into the family home .At first they got on well but once the hormones kicked in they decided to have a fight resulting in BOBO having a tear in one ear .Now completely healed .He will occasionally react towards other dogs when out and about .It is hoped that once he gains more confidence in his owners this with Correct itself as will  consistent  handling and training .

BOBO arrived into Welfare with a terrible skin complaint and was considered underweight. After a quick vet visit for medication, a correct solid diet of good quality raw meat, BOBO is responding well and is improving.

The course of tablets he has been given have worked well and he is no longer on a daily amount. Welfare will support this ongoing if needed.

BOBO is now castrated, vaccinated, worming up to date. He’s fit to go.

BOBO is very greedy, always on the look out for food, a hungry young man which helps with continuing his training. He will require to wear a harness as he jumps all over the place if on a simple lead so a strong person with lots of patience is a must as he will occasionally forget himself. BOBO is very loving indeed and enjoys a cuddle. He wants to please.


Introducing Lennie who is just 10 months old.

Lennie is a typical young bully puppy who was reluctantly given up to welfare by his doting mum.

It’s fair to say she struggled to control his exuberant bully puppy behaviour resulting in him basically ruling her which eventually reached his mum to feel forced to make the sad decision.

Lennie will if not reminded try to still take control, he’s a big strong, handsome lad.

He tries to play hard and has to be reminded by giving him time out to calm. He listens now and is responding to these commands.

Lennie will take food and treats very gently from the hand. He will pull at first on the lead but then soon walks to heal.

Lennie was chemically castrated which should last for less than a year.

He is fully vaccinated and his worming is up to date. He will need castrating which welfare will discuss with his next family. Lennie can be destructive, correct stimulating toys and a good raw meat bone is important for him. He enjoys long walks so an active family/person is a must.

Lennie has a correct diet of raw meat and a good quality dry biscuit. He has no health concerns.

Lennie is spotlessly clean and shows no aggression to other dogs of all shapes and sizes around him however due to his size and strength of character welfare would prefer he was re-homed with people with experience of the breed either a couple, family or single person as the only dog.

Welfare believe with continued firm, fair consistent training Lennie will make someone a very proud owner and a much loved family member.


Millie is a medium size white Bull Terrier female with head markings. She is age approx 2 years.

It’s fair to say she can be challenging as she was upon arrival but now she has settled so well and while she can get a bit over excited when some dogs walk past her she will not respond to them all however welfare feel in order for this to be a happy outcome, she would be best as an only dog and experienced with the breed is a must.

Millie is spotless clean around the place and has not chewed anything up to date.

She is putting weight on now and enjoys her food of a good quality biscuit and raw meat. She has no skin issues  now and is a rather good looking Bull Terrier anyone would be proud to be seen with. She is very loving and needs a home of her own. She enjoys a walk out but is also happy to sit out in the sun on her chair and watch the cows and chickens in the field.

No small children, no furry animals, no cats.

Millie found herself in this welfare after her previous owners who actually rescued her from someone who was not taking good care of her. This family have other dogs and Millie decided she wanted her new family of humans all to herself and before a fight took place, the family decided to ask Welfare for help which it has to be said was a reluctant move on their part.

Millie is crate trained and is no longer pulling on the lead.

Millie has recently been in season, so not yet spayed. The cost for that will be covered by the trust but cannot take place for a few months, however she is now ready for an experienced with the breed family.

Please contact the trust if you feel you are the right person for this lovely girl.


This lovely old boy is a joy to have around.

Bronnie totally ignores all dogs around him, all he wants is his own family who can love him as it’s clear this boy has been neglected. He arrived recently after his family decided they would not collect him from the local dog pound again. So they abandoned him, pure and simple but thank goodness they did.

His condition was not good, thin body, pressure sores and Alopecia/bare patches especially on his back. He’s a big handsome, powerful boy who will not pull on the lead. Travelled well in the car. Bronnie has now been castrated, he received a full check up and dental. His worming is up to date, he presented no concerns while at the vets, happy to be examined.