Available Dogs

Available Dogs

Donnie - 4 Years Old

This very special 4 year old white male with black ear markings is a firm favourite. Donnie is very smart, learns quickly and looks right into your face for guidance. Donnie is totally deaf but welfare hope that won’t deter someone from considering him. He shows no interest in other dogs around him but because of his deafness, it is felt to place him within a home as an only dog. However, as with most mature males if another dog should interfere into his own personal space he may not be happy. Donnie studies your face and body language. He is eager to please. He never pulls on the leash and is clean around his sleeping area. He has not chewed since arriving into welfare in poor coat and condition. He was found wondering the streets. He had bite marks old and new on his face and legs. Part of his ear is missing. Donnie must have been so scared to be attacked when he cannot hear.

Donnie is happy to be woken up when sleeping. He enjoys his food, is happy to wait while it is being prepared consisting of a good quality complete biscuit with raw meat added. He enjoys natural yoghurt daily and will take a treat gently from the hand. It is felt that Donnie would be a super addition to any family. He is now castrated, he did not need a dental, he is fully vaccinated and worming / flea treatment is all up to date. Even though toys are offered, Donnie appears not to be interested in them. His preference is to sit watch the world go by. Welfare feel someone would be proud to own this special boy.

Doza - 5 Years Old

Doza is a stunning looking, healthy and handsome big boy. White body with a big red eye patch. Fully vaccinated, worming up to date, castrated.

Doza was given up due to the death of his previous owner and a partner inherited him but had little experience of the breed. Doza was much loved.

Doza is very idle. He enjoys his home comforts. Loves his food as can be seen by his expanded waist line.

Doza will ignore other dogs but not if they confront him so best if he is kept as an only dog. Because of his size he will need a strong owner. He occasionally pulls on the lead but is responding well to not doing this .

He is very loving. Must have met children in his life as he is happy to see them. Gets a bit excited when he sees chickens and not suitable with cats .

Doza is house trained. Not known to chew. Enjoys playing with good quality toys.

He is very healthy. Food is very important to him and this could be a tool for continued training. Doza eats a good quality dry food and raw meat and tinned fish occasionally mixed with raw vegetables. Anyone would be happy to own this stunning healthy calm boy.