Available Dogs

Available Dogs


Skye is looking for her forever home after spending far too long in Welfare, after her owners had to give her up to us and were reluctant to sign her over. Skye is now spayed. She is physically healthy and fully vaccinated. Skye is not suitable to be around small children as she is feared of them. Skye can be quite vocal and demanding especially around feed time, she won't let you forget her that's for sure.

Skye will tolerate other dogs and could with correct handling and live with another quiet dog. Skye will show fear on when she first meets people and in new situations - she just needs patience. She cannot be trusted to be off her lead as she has little recall and on going training is required. Skye has little skills within the home, and occasionally has to be reminded to be clean around the house. She has not shown any interest in playing with toys.

The perfect home Welfare feel for her would be a quiet one, with few visitors, a large enclosed garden to explore, a single person or quiet couple who have Bull Terrier experience. Welfare feel sure in the right environment and with patience, Skye will become a happy addition to have around. Skye is a pretty little bully. If you feel you are the right person to continue working with Welfare to achieve a great outcome, please get in touch. Prospective owners are advised to always follow the guidelines with all Welfare dogs. 


Darling Rose, pulled on the heart strings upon arrival into Welfare. This 9 years plus old girl found herself dumped onto the streets in appalling condition. Her white coat was filthy and she had sores all over her. She was indeed a sorry sight. Little of her early life is known and her chip gave no clues. Upon arrival, it was clear Welfare needed to give her time to heal both physically and mentally. Rose has shown great recovery and is becoming a bit of a character around the place.

For her age, she is quite active, still pulls on the lead. It could be possible, she could live with another calm dog with correct introduction and handling. Rose is spayed and all of her vaccinnes are up to date. She enjoys her food, she eats dry biscuit and meat. Rose has still much to offer and would in the right hands bring joy to anyone willing to give her comfort for what ever time she has left. Rose still likes to play with toys and is crate trained. Spotlessly clean and very loving. She needs a home of her very own.


Rosa is a pretty dark brindle, 2 year old girl looking for her forever home. Rosa's ongoing training is still required with pulling on the lead and showing far too much interest in other dogs business. This is a result of living with other dogs and all fighting for top spot. Her owners gave Rosa up as a last resort.

Rosa will jump up and become very excitable and this can, if not controlled lead to nipping of clothes, however since being in Welfare and recieving consistent training, Rosa is realising that this behaviour is not acceptable and she is responding well and looking for forgiveness.

Rosa shows no aggression toward people, and she could live with older chidren who are dog savvy. Rosa loves to play, especially with Bella, and she just wants to please. A person/family with breed experience are a must for Rosa, who will in time respond to become a much valued family dog with guidelines and continued support from the Welfare Trust. Rosa is spayed and all vaccines up to date. She has shown no interest in chewing up to yet and she is crate trained. Rosa is healthy and enjoys a dry biscuit and meat diet.

If you feel you are the right person to continue with training with Welfare support, please apply.


Darling Mable is a very much loved 3.5 year old white girl with blackk head markings.

Mable had a loving family who tried very hard to keep her and their other bull terrier living within the house safely, but it was becoming a real concern as while the other bull terrier (her brother) wanted to play, Mable wanted a quieter life. There are lessons to be learnt here that the family did seek out the help of a so called "dog behaviourist" whose pearl of wisdom was after much training and costs incurred, suggested E collars on both! Thankfully the familly did not take him up on this form of treatment. 

MMable is spayed, her vaccinations and worming are all up to date. She has taken to eating raw meat with dry biscuit. Mable is house trained. She will push other resident dogs if given half the chance but when told to stop and distracted with a treat will respond. Mable enjoys her food and her sleep. She can on occasions suddenly stop and stand and stare at a light or movement but soon snaps out of it with encouragement. She has not shown any fear of moving traffic. Mable is very clean in the house and is crate trained. Not known to chew. Appears healthhy, no known vet visits, other than routine vaccinations.

This has been a very difficult decision made by her family to bring her into Welfare but it was the best outcome for all involved. The family feel as do Welfare that Mable would benefit from a quiet home, possibly with older children. Mable was living a country life around sheep and chickens. It's not know how she would react with cats. She has no fear of moving traffic and travels well in the car. Mable is loving and sweet, she shouldn't be in Welfare for very long as her sort are easy to find forever homes for. If interested, please apply without delay. Someone will be very lucky.