Available Dogs

Available Dogs

Chris - Approx. 9 Years Old

Nothing like a Golden Oldie 🧡 This ol'lad was handed in to The Bull Terrier Club (UK) Welfare Trust - he had been in Police Kennels (through no fault of his own) for the past 4 weeks & it's taken its toll on him...he's currently with a Foster home, who will provide a full assessment and are actively looking to find him a suitable home.

The Police nicknamed him Cass, but he doesn't respond...he adores the name Chris though (Christopher when he's being cheeky!), so Chris it is!

Christopher is an absolute darling & will make someone a wonderful companion. 🥰 He is approx 9 + years and is very affectionate & loves being at your side; he can be a little insecure when left on his own so barks, but he settles with the radio on as he finds security in the noise. Chris loves a little walk and walks at heal...he loves to cuddle and loves his food! He also adores to trance on the hanging washing and on bushes. Chris is great with other dogs, but little ones get him very excited. Chris is a little stiff in the mornings to get going but once he's warmed up, he loves to trot about. Chris is a little insecure so tends to walk about looking all around him & takes a while to settle. He is crate trained, but prefers to with you.

Chris needs a wonderful home in the Winter years of his life. 💙 We'll keep you updated on his assessment but if you feel you'd be able to offer this ol'gent a home, please contact us directly and/or fill in our application form and send it back to us.