Available Dogs

Available Dogs


Beautiful Olive has come into welfare through no fault of her own. Olive is a steady 3 year old (spade) bitch who enjoys her daily walks and play time. She is very happy to sleep during the day and isn't any trouble. Olive is very friendly with people and children but is not happy around other dogs so she will need to be the only dog in the home. Olive is house trained, doesn't chew and would be a lovely companion.


Romeo is a tri dog, only 14 months old. He's been okay with us, but is a little bit unsettled. He walks nice on a lead, but will need a knowledgable Bull Terrier person because of his history, 

RITO - D.O.B - 02/12/21

Rito is a tri-coloured, castrated, fully vaccinated young boy.

Rito is a playful happy boy who thrives on human company. He will occasionally pull on the lead because he was never used to being on the lead, he was removed from his previous premises. Rito wants to please and is always happy to greet you.

He shows no aggression at all despite all the old scars on his young kind face. He will happily greet all the other dogs but gets over excited to see the chickens.

It’s safe to say Rito had a shocking life before he was brought into welfare. He was living with a dog hoarder, he was painfully thin on arrival but is gaining weight and eats well a complete dry mixed with raw meat.

He enjoys tinned fish in oil and natural yogurt also raw vegetables. He’s not at all fussy just grateful to receive food. He will happily let a food dish be removed even if full but his lovely pleading eyes ask for it to be returned.

Rito will occasionally have to be reminded not to mess in the house but he’s learning fast and hates to not please you.

Welfare believes while he shows no aggression to other dogs after the life he’s had he deserves all the family attention. He would benefit from someone being around for most of the day as he requires confidence to be left.

Rito has never chewed anything and is learning to play with toys. He has a full pet passport and so appears to be fit and healthy and ready for the next and best part of his life .

Meg - D.O.B - 23/05/20

Meg is white and spayed.

Meg was another who had previously lived with a dog hoarder and was removed by the local authorities. Meg has a pet passport.

She arrived with a skin problem probably due to her surroundings and an unsuitable diet. Meg is responding well to the medication she has been prescribed and looks to be making a full recovery.

Meg is fed on a complete fish dry biscuit. She also enjoys daily natural yogurt and raw vegetables. Meg is of a good weight and is happy to be handled. She shows no interest in the other dogs around her but shows too much interest with the chickens.

Welfare feel Meg would best be the only dog in the family home due to her horrible past life and feel she deserves all the attention she can be given.

She is happy to be left alone and will simply sleep. She hates rain and will shy away from it if she can. She isn’t a great walker and would probably suit a quiet home life. Meg appears not to be at all interested in toys. She has not chewed. She is clean during the night and is gage trained.

Meet GYDA (Geeda) AKA Athena DOB: 28/10/2021

1 year old full of personality and love. Due to unforeseen circumstances Gyda’s owners have had to regrettably relinquish their care of her but are certain she will be snapped up in no time. She listens to commands like sit, wait and kiss.

Gyda is house trained and crate trained and goes in her crate, with one of her blankets, when the owners are out to keep her safe and at night. She needs to be let out the cage early morning as she will be desperate for the toilet. She doesn’t like being left alone in her crate all day (she has not been left for more than 3 hours at a time other than at night) when it is time for bed or time to go in her crate if you say ‘bed’ she will wait in her crate for a treat, this is something she has done from being a tiny puppy and is a must. She loves her white bowl with water in in her crate and much prefers to drink out of this than her joint food and water bowl.

Gyda has meat and biscuits twice a day Gyda loves toast! She knows when you are making toast and will wait patiently for a round of buttered toast. Gyda loves chews and treats but is very over protective when it comes to having them around other animals such as cats and other dogs.

She is very excitable when visitors come to the house and can’t wait to meet them but will calm down a few minutes after. Gyda loves walks and is great on the lead and with other dogs. She will bark at passers by but only because she wants to meet them and play with them. She has never been off the lead, only in secure fields which she loves to run around in and is very good at recall!

Gyda needs a loving home where she will be the only pet, as she loves the one to one attention.

She loves every human she meets with a wag of her tail and a lick of the face! She is ok with children but tends to want to climb on the children and lick them! So best to be rehomed with older children.

She will make someone very happy, she is a typical bullie, always wants to play and likes to throw her weight around when she’s on the zoomies.