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This website is all about Bull Terriers (which includes Miniature Bull Terriers) who need new homes. We want prospective owners to understand what is involved in living with Bull Terriers.


The Bull Terrier Club (UK) Welfare Trust is a registered charity and is managed by a group of experienced Bull Terrier owners and breeders. Their role is to ensure that the Trust is solvent and that everything possible is done to ensure that unwanted Bull Terriers are found suitable homes.


Much of the work of the Trust is carried out by our Chairperson Tracey Fletcher and her wonderful team of trustees, aided by enthusiasts in most areas who also work hard to find suitable new homes for dogs who need them. There is a dedicated information and advice line (07540313711) for owners, rescue kennels, dog wardens, and in fact anyone who has cause for concern about Bull Terriers.


Some of our dogs are housed temporarily in kennels, and some remain in their homes whilst we try to identify suitable new homes for them.


You will learn more about this work within this website and you will also be able to find out how you can help us.


You will find bull Terriers needing homes here listed by the area they are currently in, if you would like to enquire about a dog please use the contact form either directly from this site or by printing and posting, all details via the application tab. Or please call if you would like to chat with Tracey Fletcher on 07540313711, you may also email Tracey at the following: bullterrierwelfaretrust@aol.co.uk

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Some of the dogs we have helped over the years

Guidelines to ensure your new rescue dog settles into its new home

Bull Terrier Welfare Trust

We are here to rescue, re-assess and

re-home Bull Terriers and Miniature

Bull Terriers.

All dogs are assessed to a high level so we are able to find the right home for the dog, and also able to match dogs to the right lifestyle and families.

You will also receive a life time commitment from the trust with any help or advice you may require.