Special Appeal


Welfare agree our breed is special and only experienced owners should apply for our Welfare dogs but with some that are in our care, we are looking for an extra special person. Welfare have decided to have a Special Appeal page to feature the special Bull Terriers in our care.

Welfare welcome genuine people, who are willing to work with us for the best outcome for any of our special Bull Terriers.


Welfare are looking for an extra special person for Skyla who has been with us for a very long time.

Skyla had previously lived with a family who had children, her previous family had “inherited“ her and she had arrived to their home with some issues that they were unable to work with. A decision was made to remove Skyla from the home as safety for the children. It took many months for the family to sign her into our Welfare as they were very reluctant but this has now been done.

During this time Welfare have put in a lot of time training her and have seen a great improvement in Skyla’s behaviour. We now feel she is ready for the next step and are appealing for a person or persons who are willing to work along side Welfare to achieve a great outcome for her future.

Skyla is fully vaccinated and now spayed. She is in good health with no skin issues. She is white with red ears, a pretty not overly big girl. Skyla has now gained weight and enjoys her food. She has not shown signs of chewing. She still has the odd toilet mistake.

Skyla shows no fear around other dogs and did live with another dog who was a large cross breed. It is possible she could with correct and slow introduction live with a calm castrated male. Welfare feels it would be best if no small children lived in the home and if there are visiting small children, we advise she is supervised at all times. She is fearful around children. Occasionally she will run and hide if there are children who are visiting the home she is currently living in arrive.

Skyla is very weary with people at first and while she has never bite anyone during her time in Welfare it is felt if she was cornered she could possibly lash out. Avoidance is key with her.

Skyla has to come toward humans not the other way around. She has poor recall. She will now walk calm and happily on a lead without pulling. She travels very well in a car. She is not suitable to live with small furies and not cats.

Skyla was a great favourite when she spent time at the vets for recent spaying. Staff said she presented no concerns at all and was happy to be handled by the vet and staff who are experienced with the breed. Some times Skyla shows fear and on others times she doesn’t. If she backs away from humans the best way found to deal with this is to simply walk away and this action works well for Skyla who will follow. A slip lead and a pocket of treats works well with her.

Anyone who feels they have the time and patience and are willing to work along side Welfare - please apply for her.

Homes and applicants will be screened as with all our Welfare dogs.